Beethoven's Fidelio
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Fidelio Tryptichon
Fresco by Moritz von Schwind

While we can offer you in our website itself a thorough creation and Beethoven lifetime performance history of this opera, a table of the three versions of Leonore/Fidelio of 185, 1806 and 1814, the German libretto text of the 1814 version, a collection of comments and critiques of the work as well as a listing of sources used, we also want to take this opportunity to provide you with a listing of interesting links to the topic for your further exploration and wish you lots of enjoyment with it! 

Fidelio-Background by Otto Klemperer

Opera Glass Listing of Fidelio Performances

"Unheard Beethoven" Website: "Fidelio"-related Midi files in: "Dramatic Works"

"Unheard Beethoven" Website "Fidelio"-related Midi files in: "Vocal Works with Orchestra"