Mozart Time Table

W. A. Mozart
(From the family
painting by
Johann Nepomuk
della Croce)

Early Childhood in Salzburg

View of Salzburgs during Mozart's Childhood
(Vienna, Museen der Stadt)


Birth of Johannes Chysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart in Salzburg on January 27th, as seventh and last child of the court musician Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria, nee Pertl.   Leopold was a violinist in the court orchestra and, in 1757, he was appointed as court composer; moreover, he was also a music teacher and the author of a Violin School" (Violinschule).


First composition: Menuett (KV1).  First appearance in  Johann Ernst Eberlin's "Sigismundus".
Childhood Travels

Wolfgang, 6 years old,
in the court dress
Empress Maria Theresia
presented to him

Wolfang's sister
Anna Maria,
"Nannerl", also in her
Viennese Court Dress


Journey to Munich and Vienna with his father and his sister Maria Anna (Nannerl) who was five years his senior.


Journey of the entire family from Salzburg via Munich, Augsburg, Ludwigsburg, Schwetzingen, Heidelberg, Mainz, Frankfurt a. M. (here, the fourteen-year-old Goethe heard him), Koblenz, Cologne, Aix-a-Chapelle, Brussels, to Paris. K  First sonatas (for violin and pianoforte).


The Mozarts travel to London.  There, Wolfgang meets Karl Friedrich Abel and Johann Christian Bach.  Londoner Notenbuch.


Journey from London to Den Haag.  The first three symphonies, further violin sonatas.


Continuance of journey to Amsterdam.  After longer stay ther, continuance of the journey via Utrecht, Malines, to Paris.  Return journey via Dijon, Lion, Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, Zurich (Salomon Gessner), Donaueschingen, Ulm, Munich to Salzburg.


Sacred Singspiel Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes (March 12, Salzburg), Latin school opera Apollo et Hyacinthus (May 13, Salzburg).  Journey with his father and Nannerl to Vienna.  Komposition of the opera La finta semplice which was commisioned by Franz I.  Temporary stay in Olmütz during his bout of small pox.


Singspiel Bastien and Bastienne. Return to Salzburg.

Travels with his Father


Rome, St. Peter's Basilica


Opera buffa La finta semplice (May 1, Salzburg).  Conzertmaster in Salzburg.  December:  First journey to Italy with his father..


Stay in Milan.  Encounter with Giovanni Battista Sammartini.  In Bologna, meeting with Padre Martini.  Continuance of journey via Padua to Rome.  Receives the Order of a Knight of the Golden Spur by Pope Clement XIV.  Continuance of journey to Naples.  Meeting with Giovanni Paisiello.  Return via Rome, Bologna (Appointment as a member of the  >Academia Filarmonica<), Milan.  Opera seria Mitridate, re di Ponto  (16th of December, Milan).  In Lodi, first  string quartet (K80). 


Continuance of return journey via Turin, Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Innsbruck to Salzburg.  August:  Sedonc journey to Italy with his father.  Serenata teatrale Ascanio in Alba (26th of October, Milan). Meeting with Johann Adolf Hasse. Return to Salzburg, Oratorio La Betulia liberata.


Serenata dramatica Il sogno di Scipione for the inauguration in office of the new Salzburg Archbishop Hieronymus Count Colloredo.  Appointment as salaried Concertmaster.   October:  Third journey to Italy with his father. Dramma per musica Lucio Silla (26th of December, December, Milan).


Return to Salzburg.  Journey with his father, to Vienna.  String quartets, symphonies, first piano concerto, divertimenti, serenades, stage music for Gebler's drama,  >Thamos, König in Ägypten<.


December:  journey to Munich.


Opera buffa La finta giardiniera (13th of January, Münich).  March:  return to Salzburg.  Dramma per musica Il re pastore (23th of April, Salzburg), instrumental music, violin concertos.
Mozart as a Young Adult

The 21-year-old Mozart


Piano Concertos, serenades (amongst others, the  Haffner-Serenade), divertimenti, sacred sonatas, masses.


Concertos, divertimenti, sacred music.  Request for and obtaining dismissal from Salzburg Court services.  September:  Journey with his mother, via Munich and Augsburg to Mannheim.  Love for Aloysia Weber, the sister of his later wife Konstanze.


Piano sonatas, violin sonatas, works for flute.  March: Continuation of his journey to Paris.  Ballet music  Ballettmusik Les petits riens (June 11, Paris.  Syphonies (such as his Paris Symphony).  Death of his mother on July 3rd.  September:  Return journey via Straßburg, Mannheim, Munich.


January:  Arrival in Salzburg.  Return to his service for the Archbishop as concert master and court organist.  Orchestral and sacred works.  Unfinished singspiel  Zaide.


Work on Idomeneo.  November:  Journey to Munich.


Opera seria Idomeneo (January 29, Munich).
Mozart in Vienna

Emperor Joseph II. with his brother and successor Leopold II


Journey to Vienna on the order of the Archbishop.  After his breakup with him, Mozart settles in Vienna.  During the next few years, concert activity in private and public 'academy' concerts in Vienna.  Competition with Muzio Clementi as piano virtuoso.  Work on the Entführung aus dem SerailInstrumental music. 


Singpsiel Die Entführung aus dem Serail (July 16).  Instrumental music (such as Haffner-Symphony).  Marriage with  Constanze Weber (August 4). 


Summer:  Journey to Salzburg, with Constanze.   C-minor Mass,  Linz Synphny.  October:  Return to Vienna.  Opera fragments L'oca del Cairo and lo sposo deluso.  Birth and death of his son Raimund Leopold. 


Birth of his son Karl Thomas.  Piano Concertos, piano music, dances. 


Leopold Mozart in Vienna.  Oratorio Davidde penitente (13/14th of March, Vienna).  Work on Le nozze di Figaro. Piano Concertos, piano music, string quartets, lavierkonzerte, Klaviermusik, Streichquartette, Maurerische Trauermusik.


Komödie mit Musik Der Schauspieldirektor (7. Februar, Wien).  Opera buffa Le nozze di Figaro. (1. Mai, Wien).  Prager Sinfonie.  Geburt und Tod des Sohnes Johann Leopold. 


January:  Journey to Prague, with Constanze.  Return to Vienna.   Chamber music ammermusik (such as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik).  Death of his father (May 28), Appointment as >R.I. Chamber Composer<.  GBirth of his daughter Theresia.  October: Second journey to Prague.    Dramma giocoso Don Giovanni (Prague, October 29.)   Return to Vienna. 


Death of his daughter Tochter Theresia.  The last three letzten Symphonies, in E-flat, g minor and C Major (Jupiter Synphony), chamber music. 


Journey with Prince Lichnowsky to Dresden, Leipzig, Potsdam, Berlin.  Return to Vienna.  Work on Cosi fan tutte.  Clarinet Quintet, Handel arrangements.  Birth and death of his daughter Anna. 


Opera buffa Cosi fan tutte (January 26, Vienna).  Journey to Frankfort/Main for the coronation of Leopold II as Emperor.  Return via Mannheim and Munich. 


Birth of his son Franz Xaver Wolfgang.  Last Piano Concerto.  Short trip to Prague.  Opera seria La clemenza di Tito (Prague, September 6).  Opere Die Zauberflöte (Vienna, September 30).  Motet Ave verum corpus, Clarinet Concerto, unfinished Requiem.  Death of Mozart on December 5 in Vienna. 

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